Anti-bullying Documentary Breaking the Silence

Short docu-film features appearances from Joseph & Jane Clementi.

Breaking the Silence

The documentary Breaking the Silence highlights the alarming rate of bullying and how society can combat it. The documentary, directed and produced by Frank Gigante, features individuals from New Jersey directly impacted by bullying. Appearances in the film include anti-bullying expert NJ State Trooper & President of The New Jersey Center For School Safety (NJASRO) Gregory M. Williams and bullying awareness activists Joseph & Jane Clementi, the parents of the late Tyler Clementi.

“Our children deserve us as parents and guardians to do all we can and learn as much as possible about bullies and bullying. Our support, education and love will ensure they get through any issues of bullying confidently and more importantly, safely,” said Frank Gigante.

Bullying is a serious problem faced by youth today. It does not matter if the bullying takes place in the school, neighborhood or on the internet. It can lead to serious problems for both the victim and the perpetrator. The documentary focuses upon the fact that bullying, hate crimes and cyberbullying is extremely distressing and harmful to any individual, but that it is particularly more so for those vulnerable in society.

Breaking the Silence was written by Frank Gigante & Kevin Shipp. The film’s music, including “Crying in the Rain,” was performed by Sicily Knight and includes acting performance from Kat Gueli. The film’s Executive producer Mike Sciarra has been a fundamental part of the project. The film was directed and produced by Frank Gigante.

The film was selected to screen at Jersey City’s Golden Door Film Festival.

The launch of Breaking the Silence helps raise funds for Gigante’s future Anti-Bullying fiction film called Broken Silence.