Mayor Ravi Bhalla Knows What It Means to Be Bullied and Why Bullying Prevention Matters

Congratulations on your incredible victory in Hoboken’s mayoral race. Did you feel like there was a lot of attention placed on your faith? How do you approach the topic with people who ask about the Sikh faith? Thank you. I believe I won the election because I had served 8 years on the City Council,

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Meet Gay Christian Upstander Erin Green

Erin Green holding sign at Biola Demo

“I have been harassed for my theological views by other “Christians” online to the point to where I’ve had to block people.” Upstander and gay Christian activist shares how religious-based bullying impacted her life and why she stands up to end all bullying and cyberbullying.

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Meet Upstander Trey Darnell

As a father to young adult Harper, Trey Darnell shares why it’s important he and his partner #StandUpStandOut to prevent #bullying for their daughter. “It sounds cliché to say respect is treating someone the way you want to be treated in return. Respect is accepting how beautiful it is that each and every one of us is different. By encouraging uniqueness in the world and expressing yourself in a confident, polite, and respectful manner, you lay the groundwork for a brighter society. When we stop worrying about how people are different from us and we welcome those diversities, we are acting selflessly.”

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Meet Our 2017 Upstander Legacy Celebration Host Maulik Pancholy

The 30 Rock and Phineas and Ferb actor shares about his passion for performance, his work in advancing equity for individuals across the identity and sexuality spectrum and his commitment to standing up to end bullying. Meet Maulik when he hosts the 2017 Upstander Legacy Celebration on November 13 in NYC.

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Meet Upstander Regent Empress XXXI Madison Ciccione Mansfield

Upstander Madison Mansfield

Many people may not familiar with the many things that the Imperial Court of New York does. Can you share a bit about it?  The Imperial Court of New York is an organization that works alongside other charity organizations to bring attention to their causes and to raise much needed funds. Our membership is solely comprised

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Meet Upstander Paul Zemaitis

Remember, just because summer ends, bullying doesn’t end. You can #KeepItCool with Enjoyer’s special strawBERRY treat – buy one and get one to share with a friend! Proceeds support our work to end bullying prevention. Find out where you can get an icy treat today! What is the story of Enjoyer? Enjoyer was established by

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Meet Upstander Francesca Murdoch

Francesca Murdoch with her parents at awards ceremony

The deadline for youth to enter the 2017 Community Access New York Mental Health Film Festival’s Young Filmmaker’s Competition is August 31! Get more information and enter now. What are you most excited about doing in this next school year? At the moment, I’m most excited about rehearsals for our school’s fall play, which is Is He Dead by Mark

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Meet Upstander Maureen Kelly

Tarte Cosmetics Founder and CEO Maureen Kelly

Join others across the nation for #kissandmakeup Day on August 25! Learn how you can join the movement to end cyber-bullying today! tarte started out of your apartment in New York City! That is amazing. What inspired you to create the cosmetics brand? I was pursuing a PhD in psychology when I realized that life

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Meet Charlotte Simpson

Students of Ridgewood High School Hang Pride Flag

What year of school are you in? What are you most excited about for the summer? I just finished my junior year of Ridgewood High School. I like to keep busy over the summer, and right now I am really excited to be in the pit orchestra for our summer high school musical, The Pajama

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Meet Upstander Barry Miller

You’ve lived in Orlando for several years. What did you think of the response to the Pulse tragedy from the Orlando community? After the tragedy, I was so inspired by the Orlando community’s response. I’ve lived in Orlando since 1983 and for the first time I saw community members rallying together to support the LGBT

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