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This bullying prevention toolkit is free to download and help sports participants and teams become Upstanders to prevent bullying.

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People participate in sports for many reasons: overall health, life skills, connection with others, and even simply a love of their sport of choice. For all the reasons one takes part, nobody joins a sport or a team with bullying in mind. Unfortunately, bullying and harassment are all too common an issue within sports.

According to Childhelp Speak Up Be Safe for Athletes’ “Blow the Whistle on Child Abuse”:

  • 40-50% of athletes have experienced anything from mild harassment to severe abuse in their sport of choice
  • 4% of young athletes reported that a coach had hit, kicked, or slapped them
  • 8% of coaches acknowledged encouraging athletes to hurt opponents, 33% yelled at players for making mistakes and 20% made fun of a team member with limited skills

These statistics are sobering and show a need for coaches, teams, and athletes everywhere to join together and prevent bullying. Our toolkit for sports specifically gears itself towards the issues that teams face. It provides simple steps that can be done to promote good sportsmanship and bring out the upstander in all of us.

At any level of sports, athletes should have fun while doing their best. If someone doesn’t feel great about themselves, they won’t play to their top level, affecting their whole team. Bullying and harassment prevention using #Day1 is not only good for the individual athlete; it’s good for the whole team.

Download this simple toolkit today and get started making your team a team of Upstanders!

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