Katie’s Story

I’ve been bullied from elementary through High school. It wasn’t bad in elementary school I got name called and boys my age would put their face in front of me and call me a name.

In Middle school, boys my age would start ‘Dating’ me then ‘breakup’ with me the day after and bully me until high school. In High school, the same group of boys would be able to do the same thing to me in middle school but in freshman year, I was stupid enough to go on a date with my crush and I asked him if he wanted to go to church with me, he declined saying he was going to the movies with his girlfriend. I was heartbroken and depressed. I couldn’t go to church, eat, or drink that weekend.

Then in my Sophomore or Junior year I was in my conceptual math class and two girls were either in junior or senior class had decided to make fun of me and my medical conditions, by screaming to the teacher saying “WHY DOES SHE GET TO GO TO THE BATHROOM WITHOUT A HALLPASS AND WE HAVE TO WAIT?? I was in the bathroom at the time and heard the girl’s say that and I had thoughts about committing suicide, but I thought of my favorite boyband at the time as well as my parents, family, and friends.

On Graduation day, the bullying stopped and I had thoughts about writing a book about my life and writing several others about bullying. My first book is almost done but hopefully it will be published this year.