Love Is All You Need?, a New Film Inspired by True Stories of Bullying, Harassment and Humiliation

One of YouTube's biggest short clip sensations becomes a full-length feature about prejudice and bullying by inverting the world's sense of 'normal'.

2016-10-love-need-tile_1080x1080In 2012, millions watched the critically acclaimed short, “Love Is All You Need?” In 2016, the short has evolved to a feature-length film. Starting in October, the film will screen to communities nationwide, tackling topics of tolerance and bullying with a twist: in this movie, gay is straight, straight is gay, and heterophobia is rampant.

Influenced by many unfortunate incidents across the country, including Tyler’s Story, the film is an extraordinary way to ask people to question what they take for granted and approach the day-to-day oppression faced by many who don’t conform to a hetero-normative world.

Join us for a special October 25 screening of the film in New York City, where we will have a discussion with the director and opportunities to talk about how together, we can end online and offline bullying, harassment and humiliation.

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Not in New York City? Attend one of the film’s many screenings across the country.