Official Statement from the Clementi Family Regarding New Jersey State Appeals Court Decision

The following statement may be attributed to Joe and Jane Clementi, parents of Tyler Clementi as a result of September 9th’s New Jersey State Appeals Court Decision overturning some charges against Dharun Ravi. This statement is not on behalf of the Tyler Clementi Foundation.

“Joe and I are not legal experts so we cannot interpret the law. All we can do is try to understand and deal with are the facts as we know them now.

We know that Tyler’s private moments were stolen from him and used to humiliate him. His life was forever affected and the lives of those who knew and loved him have been forever changed.

In light of today’s decision, we will do what we encourage all people to do before they push that send button, and that is to pause and consider the implications of their message. Does it encourage and build someone up or does it destroy and harm another person?

Our world moves very fast which pushes us to be impulsively spontaneous and sometimes harsh.

Today’s decision shows us how much more work there is to be done, and will push us forward with stronger determination to create a kinder more empathic society where every person is valued and respected. We will continue to work even harder sharing Tyler’s story through the Tyler Clementi Foundation and our many partners.”

—Jane and Joe Clementi, Sept. 9, 2016