Rachel’s Story

Charleston, SC

My 6 year old daughter was bullied mentally, physically, and verbally every day in school. This is her story.

The teachers and principals wouldn’t do anything, not matter how hard we fought. By the time we, as her parents, could do anything about it, the damage had already been done.

No apology was made and no responsibility was held. Now, my daughter, at the age of 6, is severely depressed, has self-esteem issues, anxiety, been diagnosed with PTSD, has gotten to the point of self-harm and suicidal thoughts, and is in weekly therapy.

This is something that my daughter has to deal with and battle every single day of her life right now because of how they made her to think and feel about herself. This is something my family has to deal with right now watching our child, the love of our life, hurt deeply. Her older brother has to listen to her talk down about herself and witnessed her put a knife that she found up to her chest saying she just wanted to die so she wouldn’t be so sad anymore!

Meanwhile, those kids that bullied her and their parents go about their days now never knowing the damage they have caused to one child and her family.

This campaign means so much more to me and my family than just some “great cause”. This needs to become a movement. In honor of every child was has been bullied and suffered devastating effects from it with no repercussion for the bully. And so that no more children are lost.