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Studies show bullying behaviors start as early as pre-school age, but also that if you are pro-active about bullying at a younger age children are better able to make long term changes to their behavior and treatment of others. Elementary school is the ideal time to talk to kids about bullying because they have not yet solidified their ideas of how to treat each other. #Day1 is a developmentally appropriate program that teaches kids what bullying is and how to treat each other with respect and kindness.

Anyone who works with kids know younger ones respond well to guidance and cues from older people. By having an honest discussion with elementary age children, you are able to allow them to see first hand what the expectations are of adults and their peers. This allows youth to think about their actions in the future and encourages children to become an Upstander when they witness bullying. If you use #Day1 with elementary school kids, they will better understand and fight against bullying…from #Day1.

This is why you should stand up to bullying on #Day1. Download your free Toolkit to help you establish a space free from hostility and accepting of diversity. Learn more about #Day1 and why it works!

Upstander Certificate for Youth

Download the Upstander Certificate for Youth

Download and print this simple certificate that gives each student and opportunity to demonstrate their commitment to be an Upstander to their peers.

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