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tcf-resources-greek_600x600Bullying and hazing go hand in hand. Where there is hazing, there is someone being bullied. In Greek life we fight to end the stereotypes of greek behavior. That Greeks believe in humiliating or disrespecting people in an effort to get them to conform or pledge their loyalty. Any true Greek knows loyalty doesn’t come from harming each other. Thats why IFC, NPC, and NPHC have all taken a stand against bullying and hazing. Several chapters of Alpha Gamma Delta Womens Fraternity have signed onto the #Day1 Campaign and you can too!

#Day1 Campaign has an effective program to directly address issues of bullying in Greek Life. This easy, free, and effective program is able to be implemented at the beginning of a semester or a new member period to be certain that all members are on the same page when it comes to the expectations of the organization and each other when it comes to bullying and hazing. This free program is a great Risk Management tool that will allow your chapter to focus on positive ways to bond together without the damaging effects of bullying on your sister or brotherhood.

This is why you should stand up to bullying on #Day1. Download your free Toolkit to help you establish a space free from hostility and accepting of diversity. Learn more about #Day1 and why it works!

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