The Save yOur Kids! Campaign

A project of Faith in America

Jane Clementi & the Tyler Clementi Foundation partnered with Faith in America to bring a message of acceptance to the Southern Baptist Convention in Phoenix, Arizona in June, 2017. Click here to watch the full interviews from the Southern Baptist Convention.

In January of 2017, Tyler Clementi Board Member Mitchell Gold and his nonprofit Faith in America embarked on a year-long mission to end religious-based discrimination. Through a variety of campaign events, grassroots demonstrations, and targeted media and legislative outreach, they were able to reach thousands of young LGBTQ people of faith and let them know that being gay is not a sin.

The Save yOur Kids! campaign was a unified effort to:

  1. Equip LGBTQ advocates with effective resources and language to connect with families and congregations that believe being gay is a sin,
  2. Educate the media on the role religion plays in the current crisis and its necessary role in the solution, and
  3. Directly engage non-affirming religious leaders and schools to seek solutions that will save these kids.

Campaign events


Southern Baptist Convention in Phoenix, Arizona

-Faith in America group to advocate for LGBT kids at Southern Baptist Convention meeting in Phoenix

-Faith in America Takes a Stand for Equality

-Pro-LGBT group plans protest at SBC 2017

Southern Baptist Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission’s Parenting National Summit in Nashville, TN

-Pro-LGBT religious group to protest Southern Baptist conference

-Group Advocates For LGBT Youth In Religious Homes