Tommy Roche’s Story

“This story may be hard to tell but I’ll tell it. In middle school, I was a bully myself. I was picking on this one kid due to pressure from other people. I was lost in a way until the end of middle school when I actually felt bad for what I did, and I apologized. This memory still haunts me as I could have made my own decision to not do it. In sophomore year of high school, my life took a cruel twist of fate as it was my turn to repent for my sins by being bullied. After sophomore year, I felt full of failure and loss even when I should’ve been focusing on my math final but my demons won against me. At the start of junior year, I was hoping maybe an event would cause high schools even mine to be safe from all sorts of bullying. While entering freshman year at Curry College, I heard of the sad passing of Tyler Clementi on the internet after class. He was a freshman like me. The story touched me beyond boundaries as I kept thinking of his parents who had to bury him. I hope to one day do something great for the foundation as well as have people who work here speak to the church I go to so that we can give a clear message that bullying is a coward’s playground.”